Program Overview

This is a great opportunity to seamlessly provide 3-months of SiriusXM to your pre-owned vehicle customers who purchase a satellite radio-equipped vehicle–no strings attached!

How it Works

1. Sign Up
Enroll in the program by authorizing SiriusXM to extract your pre-owned vehicle inventory sales info from your Dealership Management System (DMS).

SiriusXM will use this data to activate the 90-Day Dealer Demo Service on your inventory and automatically start your customers' complimentary trials.

2. Refresh
Once the demo service is processed, someone will need to refresh each radio.

3. Sell
Once SiriusXM receives the vehicle sold record, the 3-Month Customer Trial will begin without interruption.

It's that easy! As an added benefit, SiriusXM- equipped vehicles sold up to 6 months prior to enrollment will also be eligible for the 3-Month Customer Trial. We will notify customers through the mail.

3 Month Trial

on all satellite equipped vehicles